The Digital Gallery

Located in the foyer of The Learning Space, The Digital Gallery is Sydney’s newest exhibition space for video, sound, and digital art.

The Digital Gallery features a striking digital art presentation wall with eight large screen LCD panels, an AV presentation projection wall, and an integrated sound system.

The Digital Gallery features a changing program of exhibitions and displays. You might find digital artwork from some of Sydney's leading artists in an exhibition curated just for us, or a project where we ask for your contribution and ideas to make Rhodes a more vibrant and happy community. 


What's on now?

Rising Tide

16 - 29 April

To commemorate ANZAC Day we will be taking a journey back in time exploring stories of bravery, hard work, and innovation during a crucial time in our nation’s history.

In 1942, increasing numbers of Japanese submarines were being spotted off the east coast of Australia. Believing an invasion was imminent, Australian Prime Minister John Curtin ordered a full scale mobilisation of its people and industries to support the war effort. Like many places around Australia, the foreshore in Canada Bay and Ryde and elsewhere in this area quickly became a hub of wartime activity. Army hospitals were set up, factories started making ration packs for soldiers, and a number local boat building yards turning their efforts to the production of sturdy wartime vessels.

The Rising Tide videos were developed for a historical walking tour app for your smart device which takes you on a unique 11 km walk around the foreshore areas of the City of Canada Bay and Ryde. Rising Tide was produced by the City of Canada Bay in collaboration with the City of Ryde with the generous funding support of the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Program. The app and its content were developed by Maitree House who are storytellers, humanitarians and creators who make immersive films about stories that matter.


What's next?

On Paper, 20 April - 27 May

We will be screening some of our favourite Australian video art: from claymation, to dance, to 3D animation, these video works explore how inspiration can be found in the simplest of places.

Generations, 28 May - 24 June

Featuring local artists Josh Harle, Louise Zhang, Jenny Alaca, and Jason Wing, this exhibition explores 'generative systems' through video, poetry, VR, and 3D printing.